Unveiling the Myths and Misconceptions about Escorts1

Escort, as many of our not-so-well-versed populace in English, is an assumed rare word. The urban populace in India is aware that Escort means Call Girls. Escorts are a term largely used in India for women who provide pleasure services to their customers. Although both these professions provide the same services, the nature of the provision differs. In prostitution, girls can manage by a brothel, under the tutelage of a pimp. These brothel girls are usually procured from illicit means, such as trafficking. Also, the risks of STIs run high among such prostitutes.

Who works with an Escort Agency?

Whereas an Escort Service or an Escort Agency can be thought of as a regulated enterprise that can avail of Escort Girls of choice to their customers. Many call girls are employed by such Agencies. There are independent call girls too who pay a cut of their service to these Agencies If they bring their clients.

Who seeks Escort Services?

Escort Business has been booming across the nation in the underbelly of its major metropolitan. Many clients opt out of such services on a frequent basis. They seek to fulfill their deep-seated desires with women of their choice. Despite being ill-reputed as a costly service or Things of Affluent, escort services are regularly subscribed to by working employees and middle-range earning men. This special affinity towards the Escorts is the willful fulfillment of men’s desires. It is because of the easy provision of such services that the raw untamed energy of males in society is timely satiated.

Are Escort Services still taboo?

Since escort services in a city operate majorly in its underbelly, one can assume that many inhibited men are wary of them. Hiring escort services is a taboo, still, in our society. Can you imagine the viewpoints of the general masses on Escort services? You can. And it is not supportive at all. But, in the perspective of civility, people press down on such thoughts in public but hunt for them in private. Novice men who are looking for such gratifications get stuck in the dilemma to go for escorts or not. In this section, we are going to detail such stigmas around escort services in your region and city and prove how baseless they can be.

Myths and Misconceptions Surrounding the Escort Industry

In this section, we will unveil some myths and misconceptions about Escorts. Several myths surround the escort industry all over India, but one must be able to separate fact from fiction. People must approach with sensitivity and respect for the involved escorts.

Escort in Illicit Activities: True or Hype?

One of the common myths and misconceptions about escorts is that they are all involved in illegal activities. The truth is that there might be illegal activities in the escort industry, but not all call girls engage in them. Many escorts work with Agencies legally. They also ensure their safety as well as the safety of their clients by practicing good conduct.

Escorts are majorly trafficked from places

Many people also believe that Escorts are forced into this profession because of human trafficking. Such an offense is a serious issue which must not be dismissed. But as a surprise to many, the majority of Escorts enter the profession voluntarily. Therefore, one must make a distinction between the willing call workers and the victims of coercion.

Escort services are only for pleasure

Young men think of escorts only for pleasure services, which is again a misconception. Many escorts provide pleasure services. However, some escorts offer companionship and emotional support to their clients. A client can escort these women to social events too. There is a range of services in this business, all of which do not involve pleasure.

Escorts abuse drugs and alcohol

Many people assume that escorts abuse drugs or alcohol, which is not true. All escorts doing substance abuse is a stereotype. Women enter into this profession for multiple reasons as they have their choices and reasons. Escorts are also assumed to be uneducated and have a brief career, which is a myth. Escorts, like individuals in any other profession, come from diverse educational backgrounds and may have chosen this work for various reasons. It’s important not to make assumptions about their intelligence or career options.